Thursday, 21 May 2015

Business Model You

'Business model you' is an innovative methodolgy to design a personal development and career plan based on 'personal business models'. A personal business model is the logic by which an individual creates and delivers something valuable to customers — and is paid for doing so.

The principle of articulating and describing how value is created, and for whom, is exactly the same between companies and individuals.

Business model you is based on the Business model canvas methodology with the difference that is applied not to a company but to an individual with his own characteristics and potentials. Individuals should focus on and examine the "soft" intangible benefits in a model, such as professional development, lifestyle related to a job, social contribution and recognition, in addition to “hard” monetary benefits.

Business model you also help’s individuals’ to create a personal business model in order to plan and reach important goals like:
  • Describe, reinvent and improve their career plan.
  • Find or create a new profession.
  • Add elements of innovation within their current job.
The Personal Business Model Canvas, thanks to its single page method, enjoys the benefits of visual thinking: to offer a simple, clear and visual representation of their way to create and deliver value.

The four-phase Business Model You® methodology guides users through a structured process:

The nine elements of the business model canvas are delegated in this way in the Business Model You:

In addition to the individuals and those that are self-employed, the business model you can be used within companies that want to develop and leverage their Human Resources and Sales Force.

It’s an active process that helps each individual employee, and professional managers to improve their business strategy and their results. This is because it has:
  • No abstract or unclear theories
  • Without the need for advanced skills in business strategy
  • Without the need for tiring processes or too long for the time to market
The model also helps all people involved within the human resources department to work in a more coordinated and synergistic with the whole organization, because it shows everyone’s personal specialities in a clear and concrete way how they can contribute to the growth of the company.

What are you waiting for? Try to create your personal business model today!

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