Thursday, 1 October 2015

Third Transnational Meeting - YEA Project

Although while being running a project, it can be hard to take some time to step back, this is something which is absolutely necessary. The meeting which took place in Vicenza last July gave us the great opportunity to look at what and how others are doing with their incubator, to share all our questions and to get some 100% useful and expected answers. It was very different from the previous ones since, finally, everyone had entered the operational phase of the project. All the partners explained us how they recruited trainers, prepared for their modules and trained the young entrepreneurs. Some really interesting choices and adaptations came out of this and it gave us the feeling that the final productions everyone will share for the project will be very interesting! And then we got to explain to the partners what we achieved & what challenges we are still facing. We received some very kind and supportive feedback. After a short period of doubts, we were also so thankful that Ashford Place finally decided to continue managing the project. Since running European projects is not only about operational aspects but also, let’s be very clear, a huge amount of capitalization, administrative and financial follow-up, we then used the rest of our time making sure we would deliver all the required documents in the few months to come until the end of the project : fastidious but necessary! The months to come until December 2015 will be some of the most important : finishing the pilot means a huge work-load but is also so interesting because then comes all the reflection during the capitalization process, giving us the chance to explain properly what we’ve been doing and to better understand and integrate what other partners have been developing. Dissemination is also a key part of the project, to get feedback from outsiders to improve the project in the future! Last but not least: the difference between meeting on skype and sending each other emails and travelling abroad to meet partners is not just about enjoying hours of travel and a nice meeting room! We also enjoyed the great opportunity to get to know each other a bit more, to share about potential future projects and to visit the beautiful city of Padova.
Apprentis D’Auteuil (France)

One of the main purposes of this meeting was to check in with partners and to support them with whatever was needed in preparation for the end of the pilot. On the first day of our 3-day meeting each partner gave an insight into their pilot programme – businesses that take part, the support provided, and biggest achievements as well as challenges to date. It is just amazing that the project has attracted so many different types of businesses, and how our (joint) efforts can make such a big difference to those that go through the programme. What’s interesting to see is how each partner goes beyond the agreed project outcomes, and provides so much more support and help. Starting a business can be fun, but uh so frustrating at the same time. Especially for those living and working in countries where the government, with some of its laws, make it almost impossible for young entrepreneurs to build and develop a successful and sustainable business. Either way, every partner is putting so much effort in this pilot course and we are excited about the transition into the final project phase. And besides other project related issues that we discussed, it was great to catch up with our partners.

Eurocultura was a brilliant host, very enthusiastic and considerate. They spoiled us with sightseeing tours in and around Vicenza, as well as arranging dinners at beautiful restaurants. We very much enjoyed our stay in Italy, and would hereby like to thank Eurocultura again for their hospitality.
One Planet Ventures (UK)

During this meeting every country presented how far they had progressed in their accelerator. We could see interesting differences in application to specific conditions. The sharing of experiences was useful with the implementation and feedback from participants and lectors. We also discussed our plans for autumn.

Next meeting will take place in November 2015 in Berlin and it will be the final conference. Project and project output should include proposals for the sustainability of YEA accelerators in every country and proposal for an appropriate form of collaboration in the future after the termination of the project. It was nice to see you and we want to thank Euroculture for great organization and accompanying program as well as their personal time they had spent with us.
Silvia – K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)

I was waiting long time for this trip, Italy is such a nice country! I loved the hotel that was outside center and we arrived easily by car and also the swimming pool where we spent some quality time after arrival :) It was hot, veeery hot! 37-40C every day was too much to go out. At least we had many points on agenda to discuss, but then we missed the beautiful weather, it is always on meetings. I loved coffee breaks, since the Italian coffee is really good and also sweets were so good :) Good job Eurocultura. The meeting was an opportunity to overview our activities during pilot, since we had just finished our workshops we had a rough time to bring some data to the meeting. We also had many many after meeting tasks and it will be challenge in summer and autumn to finish all. We had fantastic overview not only about the project, but also of Italian cuisine and very nice city in between Padova and Verona. I am glad I had this opportunity, thank you Eurocultura for hosting us!
Dusana – K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)

Ivana, KABA:

This city was new to me and thus such a big surprise when I got out of car and saw nice hotel. It was very reasonably priced and **** stars! When we arrived, it was good to have swimming pool since even for Italy this was an extreme hot weather week! First day of meeting we met with all partners and for me it was first meeting so all were unknown I was surprised by the professionality and attitude (positve) of them all. Italian partner Dalmar and Levi made absolute effort to make our stay great, they showed us the beauty of Vicenza and for me unforgettable experience was visit of restaurant on the top of the hill (agriturismo) where we had fantastic dinner. I would like to thank KABA and YEA project I could take part in this project, it made me professionally richer.
Ivana – K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)


Our recent project meeting in Vicenza/Italy has been hot, busy and productive. Since all the YEA partners started with the pilot program during the past few months, we were curious to see all the project results and updates so far. Another big topic was the vision of YEA across Europe. So we discussed a lot of possible post-project ideas to ensure further public start-up-support for young people in Europe. Thanks to the great host from Eurocultura we were in the fortunate position to do some cultural activities as well – included delicate Italian pizza. All in all we had another great time together and are looking forward to see each other on the last project meeting in Berlin!
IQ Consult (Germany)

Nice atmosphere, collaborative attitude, time for everyone to present their activity and to get to know how other partners are managing the piloting phase, clear definition of tasks to be performed from now to the end of the project.

And good time together after the meeting, enjoying good food and tasting good Italian wine. A perfect mixture of duty and pleasure!
Levi Bettin - Eurocultura (Italy)

The day before the meeting in Vicenza, the TV news said that the month of July 2015 is the hottest month in Italy since 150 years. Despite the scorching heat, however, the transnational meeting was very positive and, in the end, I was very clear what are the things we have left to do and how to do them. I'm really satisfied with the results of the meeting from a professional point of view but, above all, I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere established between the partners that made nice also the almost African climate.
Dalmar Mohamed Ali - Eurocultura (Italy)