Friday, 18 December 2015

Fourth Transnational Meeting - YEA Project

We very much enjoyed our stay in Berlin – from interactive exercises to cultural activities – our final meeting covered it all. IQ Consult hosted each day at a different branch, which gave us quite a good insight into the different departments they run and the overall structure of the company. After we assessed our progress within the overall time schedule of the project, we compiled all our impressions from negative to positive, and aligned them with overall topics. This was a valuable joint activity and we especially benefited from the deeper insight we got into each partner’s individual experience. Final tasks have been identified and allocated, so that we were able to fully concentrate on the exploitation and sustainability of the project. We were very well looked after and IQ organised great walks and sightseeing tours, in Berlin as well as Potsdam, in order to introduce us to their whereabouts and some of their successful trading entrepreneurs.

On our last day we had the pleasure to meet Alicia and Lidia from ‘Accion contra el Hambre’, who introduced us to one of their latest entrepreneurship programmes in Spain. They talked us through their programme structure, methods & tools used as well as their impact. During lunch we explored the idea of a potential future collaboration. As always, we’d like to thank our host – IQ – for their great hospitality and would like to appreciate their successful contribution to the entrepreneurship movement.
One Planet Ventures (UK)

The final meeting in Berlin has been exciting and very fruitful as we had the opportunity to exchange opinions, facts and outcomes reached. We could enrich our vision of the strengths and weak points through a common brainstorming session that led to interesting and diverse points of view. The visit to 'Lab Potsdam' has been great when we learn in detail about how projects to support migrants start-up enterprises are organized from a long term experienced partner. We hope to have the choice to collaborate again with professionals partners that we can now call friends. See you next time Berlin!
Eurocultura (Italy)

Berlin welcomed us with rainy weather. Our accommodation in Berlin center nr. Kreutzberg was fantastic – old factory reconstructed into very big apartments with high ceilings. In the evening we wandered around on Oranien strasse and found multicultural communities and foods all around the world. We endup in Indian restaurant Amrit with delicious offer from Indian cuisine. The next morning we walked to nearby hotel where the other participants were and on the way we were suddenly covered by ice/hail storm – and that was before 2 km walk to meeting place. Luckily the sky got clear very quick and we had nice energic start of day. First part of meeting was very important to go through the outputs and reminder of last missing things in our project, this being our last project meeting. Everything was discussed and after lunch (in Indian restaurant ) we continued with Lessons Learned from WP2-4. Very funny was watching videos – in French one the audio was incorrect and we had different people speaking different voices. But really nice was Adam’s One Planet Ventures video for the whole YEA – we made comments to improve it just a little bit more In the evening the hosts prepared dinner in local restaurant. Unfortunatelly I got sick and could not eat the amazing schnitzel.

The second day we traveled to Potsdam, where there is another Social Impact Lab of iq-Consult, where we had meeting all day solving dissemination and further agenda. Very nice was lunch at “Fabrik” very fresh and tasty menu. We finished after dark and had small walk across Potsdam before departing home. Third day was mostly a summary, with discussion about further project ideas and possibilities of cooperation among partnership organizations and meeting with potential Spanish partners. Overall this meeting was fantastic overview of very successful work of iq-consult in the Brandenburg region where we could see the real added value to the participants and the great work they are doing. A perfect dot after very exciting YEA project, we hope to see our partners soon!
Martin - K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)

Berlin and the last meeting of the YEA project. We arrive on Sunday evening by car. We met with all people on first social lab and then continued on the lunch. All meetings on the social hubs were very nice. Everybody now knows what is necessary to do for the successful end of the project. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to visit Hubs and met with fantastic enthusiastic people.
Ivka  - K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)

Berlin was our last and final meeting. We resided and worked in an interesting part of the city, on the border of the Eastern block and the West block. The first day was a meeting at the headquarters of IQ Consult. The second day we visited the office in Potsdam. We discussed the current formalities relating to the completion of project promotion, benefits and challenges which we encountered during the project. We also discussed the possibilities of application of BMC in practice for starting start-ups in each country. We saw and edited the "project promotional film" video. Useful and enjoyable three days, Good bye Berlin!
Silvia  - K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)

We looked forward our final meeting in Berlin. We were talking about lot of interesting topics during the our way. The meeting began on Monday and day started with rain, but during the day the weather changed. Together we were able to develop the achievements of the project and we had fun brainstorming. During the program, we visited several interesting and creative cities.
Dusana   - K.A.B.A. Slovensko (Slovakia)