Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The test of business capabilities – first meeting with participants.

We were really looking forward to the first meeting because our project started to increase its tempo. We created group of ten from all the registered. The first meeting was focused on testing of business skills of participants, temperament and personality test and other group activities. Participants got better acquainted and talk to each other about their business goals as well as the reason they have joined our program, what was their motivation and what are their expectations. Our lector Maria was working with the group almost three hours.

The participants left satisfied and motivated for another workshops. We collectively decided that workshops and trainings will take place once a week in the afternoon on the set date. Participants will receive materials and refreshments at every meeting. We created an email contact group consisting of participants and lecturers so there is functional communication and support between meetings. Participants are going to meet lecturers and we agreed on possible consultations with lecturers or the organization team at any time through the project duration via email, phone or in person.

We have observed the diversity of participants, which was very positive. They are getting familiar with BMC and others are already adressing their cases from their start-up businesses and thanks to the whole team they are trying to improve their business ideas.

The kick-off meeting Day1 is planned on 30.4.2015.

Posted by: KABA