Needs Analysis

Youth Enterprise Accelerator - Needs Analysis

The objective of the needs analysis carried out by each partner in their country is as follows:

  • Understand current issues facing young adults (15 - 29 years): their needs in training, education and accessing the labour market, including employment opportunities and where appropriate the macro-economic or social issues affecting them
  • Assess how entrepreneurship is taught and transmitted to key target groups: Teachers/ Trainers/ Educators (those working with young people) and Young People, especially those facing challenges
  • Highlight initiatives that are being implemented in each country to support "youth entrepreneurship" including examples
  • Closely define who would be suitable to coordinate a Youth Enterprise Accelerator and who would be suitable to become a young entrepreneur, citing some of the required character traits, skills, vocational background, etc

Please see the YEA Analysis Summary for more information or view the country reports to get a better understanding of youth entrepreneurship in each of the partner countries. Each partner was responsible to compile the research and can be contacted by clicking on their logo.

YEA Analysis Summary

Needs Analysis: Germany

Needs Analysis: France

Needs Analysis: Italy

Needs Analysis: Slovakia

Needs Analysis: UK