K.A.B.A. Slovakia is an adult education and career counselling association. Since 1997 our dedicated team of educational experts have prepared programmes for almost 13,000 clients and participants (students, unemployed, Job Centre employees, 50+, teachers, NGO consultants and private companies). We have also cooperated with bodies such as the Swiss Ministry of Education, Labour Office and Open Society Foundation.

Our activities & services can be summarised as follow:
  • Education - from personal development to language classes
  • Career counselling
  • Start-up support
  • Developing and piloting new methodologies, techniques & trainings with European partners
  • Mobility projects together with European partners
Since 2004 K.A.B.A has been involved in various programmes, from ESF (European Social Fund) to Leonardo & Grundtvig projects focusing on mobility, partnerships and TOI (Transfer of Innovation).

The name of our accelerator programme is composed of two words – „biznis“ meaning business and „fest“ meaning festival or feast. By combining these two words we intend to emphasise the variety of different businesses we work with and support – a real festival of businesses.

BiznisFEST is a series of 12 workshops aiming to support young Slovak entrepreneurs from our region. Our accelerator runs every Thursday in the afternoon over a period of 12 weeks. Together with our trainers we put together a programme that is based on the Business Model Canvas, covering various aspects of starting up a business, such as:
  • Identifying vision, aims and outcomes of the business
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Social Media & promotion
  • Finance & accounting as well as legal structure
  • Networking opportunities
We also provide our entrepreneurs with co-working space at our main office as well as at a local workplace & office space centre called Cancel. Entrepreneurs have full access to IT equipment and are able to book meeting facilities.

If you are interested in finding out more about us and our accelerator programme then pay us a visit on our YEA project website or on Facebook.

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