Apprentis D'Auteuil

Foundation "Apprentis D'Auteuil" has over 150 years’ experience in providing education and training to vulnerable young people and families worldwide. Our overall aim is for them to regain more confidence in themselves, and to find their place in society. We do this by developing their talents and interpersonal skills as well as providing them with school and/or professional training.

4,000 families are supported by the foundation so they can maintain the family framework and the parent-child bond. Practical solutions are proposed to them in order to create or re-establish solid connections with their child.

We support almost 20,000 disadvantaged young people and families in more than 50 countries by teaming up with international partners who address similar issues and share our mission. Together we create programmes and projects that allow us to intervene and advocate on a much larger scale.

Loyal to its mission, the foundation shares with its partners experience and expertise achieved through the years in the fields of education, teaching and accompanying families all with a common and continuous concern to improve the management of young people in their care.

Our Youth Enterprise Accelerator has finally been given a name - L’ouvre-boîte! It means “can-opener” (literally box opener) and refers to two French sayings;

One of them is quite popular in Marseille where people say that a sardine once blocked the harbour. But in reality the sardine was the name of a boat that sank near the entrance of the harbour.

Secondly, the French word “boîte” is slang for “business company”. Thus the “can-opener” is the essential tool to open the box in which lies the delicious product. Our project is also essential to develop a business.

We have teamed up with two management schools – Kedge Business School & the EDM business school in order to provide our entrepreneurs with:

  • Workshop space
  • Innovative & technical courses by experienced teachers
  • Peer-to-peer training; A great way for our young entrepreneurs to learn from Master students in a much more relaxed environment