EuroCultura is a non-profit research, training and career counselling organization that was set up in 1993. Our key competences are related to the labour market and training issues. Our projects and activities aim to prevent unemployment by improving the employability of young people, women and workers at risk of expulsion from the labor market. We do this by the promotion of entrepreneurship, the promotion of the international mobility of students and workers, working to prevent racism and prejudice, and via supporting the environment.

One of the main aims of EuroCultura is to improve employability of people, especially of youngsters. To achieve this goal we have spent the past 30 years promoting activities aimed at the acquisition of new skills, both social and professional, to enrich the portfolio of young people that have already completed their education or training and to make sure that they are ready to enter the labor market.

Our activities range from the promotion and organization of voluntary work, studying and working abroad, to the provision of training courses and seminars focused on the acquisition of soft skills (leadership, communication, techniques of active job search, entrepreneurship, etc.).

Let's start

Our incubator is targeted to youngsters who are in a pre-incubator stage and those who want to concentrate on training and on defining their business idea.

Potential entrepreneurs are helped to test the business idea and marketability of their products prior to the foundation of their own company. The aim is to help potential entrepreneurs to gain sufficient knowledge, skills, self-confidence and experience to run a company on their own or eventually step back and redefine their plans if after an in-depth analysis they realize the risk of failure or the capital needed is too high.

At the same time they are made aware of the different types of companies they can set up and the costs and duties that they will incur by starting a company. The pre-incubator provides potential entrepreneurs with assistance and information on how to run a company.

The incubator set up in Vicenza provides entrepreneurs with the following services:
  • Competences assessment
  • Advice, guidance and counseling
  • Training on different aspects of entrepreneurship
  • Assistance and support in defining their business idea
  • Mentoring
  • Availability of working space
Case Studies