Ashford Place

Ashford Place is a community resource centre providing a comprehensive range of services and practical support to vulnerable & homeless people. Our main areas of support include housing, health, employment & enterprise as well as community engagement initiatives. We also provide a range of training courses aiming to increase each individuals’ skill set.

Originally set up as Cricklewood Homeless Concern in 1983, we have been constantly expanding our service profile over the past 30 years. Youth enterprise development is one of those services but one which we are committed to develop in order to meet the needs of the significantly increasing number of young people accessing our services. Since 2008, we have being providing business support to customers of any age and to a wide variety of businesses.

Youth Engagement Scheme

Ashford Place, Youth Business Incubation Services, aims to provide a friendly and nurturing environment where young people are enable to develop their business ideas at a pace that suits their personal circumstances. By providing these services we hope to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurs by offering them practical training and first-hand experience in running a business. We believe that successful completion of a business incubation programme significantly increases the likelihood that a start-up company will stay in business for a longer period of time.

We provide facilities that provide entrepreneurs with an inexpensive (free for the first 6 to12 months) start-up environment and a range of administrative, consulting, and networking services, including:

  • Access to training & meeting rooms as well as desk space
  • Mentoring support, giving information and professional advice in order to help guiding entrepreneurs through the difficult early stages of their businesses
  • Assistance in business planning as well as writing marketing & sales plans
  • Networking opportunities and introductions to strategic partners
  • Support in setting up accounting & bookkeeping records, and managing financial documents
  • An insight into business etiquette
  • Space and opportunities to exhibit, try and test their products or service