Friday, 7 August 2015

Together for Youth Entrepreneurship

Proof of concept instead of textbooks.
Young people start up differently.

That's the Hulk. He is obviously not an entrepreneur. Rebecca - a formerly unemployed, 26-year-old, entrepreneur, created this image. The technique used here is based on a type of street art called airbrushing. Whether or not you can become successfully self-employed as an airbrush designer isn‘t in any textbook. But you can make a proof of concept. For developing and testing business ideas systematically, the BMC has proven itself in recent years. The process is less like the conventionally writing linear business plans but a cyclical dialogue about the business ideas, helping to make them marketable. This process, in particular helps young people with no business experience and business knowledge on a start up in order to obtain income for their livelihood.

In Europe, business incubators for start-ups have been developed in many countries recently. In Germany iq consult has been established the incubator concept named as Enterprise in order to support young unemployed people. We are pleased that we can share our experiences in the context of YEA. In the next weeks of piloting we will document our joint work in the YEA composite quality standards for an European incubator.

We hope to support a lot of young, partially unemployed but interested people like Rebecca in the UK, France, Italy and Slovakia on their own way into self-employment.

Rebecca, previously unemployed, founded her own company for Airbrush-Design in Germany
Posted by: iq consult